Aune S6 - komisní prodej

Aune front 11
15 990 Kč –50 %

DAC 32bit / 384K DSD128 a sluchátkový zesilovač. Perfektní stav, originální. balení, stáří 4 roky.

15 990 Kč –50 % 8 000 Kč / ks

Balanced Output · 32BIT/DSD · Natural And Musical

Equipped with both decoding and headphone amplification functions, it adopts a simple and smooth design while consisting of the flagship AKM AK4495 DAC chip. It also features a powerful balanced headphone amplifier – with USB/COAX/OPT/AES digital inputs and XLR/RCA outputs, along with supporting volume control and a direct output mode.

Accumulated design

The S6 is designed by the experienced Aune team, who also designed the well-received X1s and S16. Improving design and technology with heart and soul is Aune’s pursuit.

Prefect sound reproduction

S6 is high level design to reproduce the sound of live music

Multi format decoding

The USB input supports up to 32Bit/384kHz PCM and 1bit/DSD128 signal playback.

Balance and Single-Ended Headphone Output

There are four independent amplifiers in the S6, with balanced and single-ended receptacles. It can drive most headphones.

Multiple line output

The S6 has RCA and XLR outputs. All the volumes can be controlled practically.

Convenient Operation

Equipped with the large IPS display and one multi-functional knob design

Simulating a variety of user experiences, it is humanized and easy to operate.

Portable and durable

The S6 has an outstanding arc-contracted design which bring forth an aesthetic felling. It jointly designed by a British industrial design team with a unique and patented look.

Excellent audio specifications

Noise: 4uV, 1KHz THD+n:0.0008%, it has excellent audio specifications.


To achieve our vision for stellar sound reproduction, we employ both technology and artistic sense. Tuning is the key behind audio products, and our philosophy is that the sound must be balanced and natural.

High quality components and quality inspection

SMD film capacitors and Murata surface mount transformers were used to achieve stellar audio quality, with the strictest quality control of each machine manufactured for sale.



Input port: USB/COAX/OPT/AES

Input sampling parameters: USB:

Maximum word length: 32Bit   Maximum sampling rate:384K  Maximum DSD rate(DOP): DSD128


Maximum word length: 24Bit   Maximum sampling rate:192K


Output port: XLR/RCA

Headphone output port: 6.5mm headphone amplifier port, four-core balanced headphone amplifier port

Headphone amplifier matched


Headphone output power  Balanced Headphone Output:

                        32 ohms: 8000mW (MAX)      1000mW (1khz@THD+n 0.001%)

                        300 ohms: 1000mW (MAX)      246mW (1khz@THD+n 0.001%)

                        600 ohms: 500mW (MAX)       120mW (1khz@THD+n 0.001%)

Line out typical value      XLR/RCA:

                        Frequency response: ±0.4dB(20Hz to 20kHz)  Dynamic range: 116Db SNR: 115dB

                        THD+N: 0.0008%@1KHz                      Stereo crosstalk: -132dB

                        Output amplitude RCA: 2Vrms                   XLR:4Vrms

Dimensions: 288 × 211 × 63 (mm)

Net weight: 3kg

Kód Kód: 4898

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